At work, book a meeting room in advance or at the last minute can sometimes be … complicated. Misunderstandings, cancellations or poor flow of information make us lose precious time.

Yet there is on the market a solution to avoid these disappointments. To make life easier in the office, SignAll partnered with Visionect, the young start-up behind Joan Assistant.

Joan Assistant is a small and smart connected screen, designed for the virtual assistance for your meeting room planning. This interface, connected to wifi, is compatible with various meeting management tools (Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange 2010/2013, Office 365, and iCalendar) and helps organise the office life in a click.

Avec Joan Assistant, la vie au bureau est facilitée

Joan Assistant is a “plug and play” device that can be easily installed: hung in seconds on the door of a meeting room, it requires no cable and can be used immediately.

Réservez une salle de réunion directement sur l'appareil ou via un calendrier partagé

Its main asset: its intuitive interface and ease of use. With its touch screen, it is possible to see in a glance the availability of meeting rooms. Reservations are made directly on the screen. It is also possible to make this reservation from a management platform. The information is synchronized across all devices, and the display is updated in real time

Very energy efficient (up to 3 months autonomy), Joan Assistant uses E-ink technology, with no backlighting. Its design, understated and timeless, fits discreetly into any environment.

SignAll, expert of the smart signage, integrates this tool into solutions offered to its customers to meet the orientation and visitors’ information issues in the office space. Our smart signage solutions enable companies to improve the efficiency and working conditions of their employees, but also the quality of reception of visitors.

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