In June 2016, SignAll organized for its clients a conference focused on a very central topic in signage: guidance and orientation in the customer journey.

On this day, Signall presented its new connected offer, To The Point. This is the first 360 ° orientation solution that integrates software intelligence to signage equipment to facilitate the visitor’s orientation and improve the performance of the premises.

To The Point provides a new way to guide your customers : information remain  up to date and contextually relevant, so people are always well guided.

More than 15 companies of all sectors attended 3 thematic workshops presenting connected solutions proposed by SignAll as part of its orientation connected offer, in partnership with 3 start-ups specialised in 3D guidance, indoor location and in-store tracking .

Smart digital solution for 3D guidance and information

in partnership with Adactive

  • Digitize your spaces in 2D and 3D mapping
  • Manage your omni-channel content (mobile app, web platform, terminals)
  • Analyze external data flows and Big Data

The cookie of the real world 

in partnership with Fidzup

  • Analyse the flow of visitors and number of unique visitors to your site
  • Measure the time spent by area
  • Calculate the frequency of visits

Indoor location for mobile location based services

in partnership with Pole Star

  • Detect users’ movements
  • Guide your visitors to your points of interest
  • Target signage information

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