Our standard products

Our dynamic and connected catalogue products will suit all all your signage projects. A turnkey solution for a unique visitor experience.

Classic e-sign

Connected and multipurpose, e-sign broadcasts relevant to the context and up to date information in real time, both indoors or outdoors.


e-sign Air

Surprising and suspended, it draws the eye and makes orientation easier along your visitors’ journey.

e-sign Totem

The large format ensures that it is immediately seen by your visitors and can broadcast extensive amounts of information.

Compas 360

With its movable 360 degree rotational billboards, the Compas 360 can point in the desired direction within an instant, guaranteed to “wow” your visitors!

Omniway Touch

Interactive and stylish, this terminal works as your complete, direct interface with your visitors.

e-sign Totem XL

The Extra-Large version of e-sign Totem.